We joined Tamara’s classes when Sophie was 6 months old. She enjoyed it from the very beginning as much as we did observing her having fun and her music growth. Today she is almost 1 year old, has her favorite songs and starts to sing, move her body/dance from the first sounds she hears them. The ability to play on different instruments, hear the sound of the real guitar, play with the toys or other things while singing the songs, together with parent/s and other children, is very valuable for our baby. Tamara is a very passionate teacher and we attend her classes with pleasure.
— Joanna
The Music Together Program was exactly what we were looking for. I wanted to introduce music to my children but not having much of a musical background, I didn’t really know where to start. My 2 1/2 year old and 10 month old look forward to class every week. They come alive with the songs, dancing, activities, and instrument. I too have gained a lot of insight and confidence in helping my children develop a love for music. We can’t seem to get enough and Ms. Tamara makes all the difference in our class with her love for kids and all of her teaching expertise.
— Brogan
We have been participating in Music Together with Tamara for the past two years. We have seen vast social-emotional development with Eli in those years. He has learned to share and say goodbye to toys/instruments without having a temper tantrum. He loves the music and enjoys the classes. The music has contributed to many family singing and dancing sessions at our house. Tamara has exceptional knowledge of music and child development. Her caring, warm affect allows everybody to feel welcomed and comfortable participating. Most of all, we continue to learn the importance of allowing our child to learn in his way and that being silly is fundamental to all children’s development. We love Music Together!
— Jenna
Music Together has really awoken the musical side of my children. Before we took the class they would rarely sing common childhood songs, and now they are both singing everyday and asking when we are going to the next music class. The CD’s not only give a basis to learn music but they are lifesavers as well. My daughter has trouble riding in the car for long distances and becomes upset easily. Once I put the CD on or start singing the songs she just cannot resist singing along which in turns changes her mood to a good one!
— Shasta
My girls have taken Tamara’s music class for a few years now and we have loved it! The music and curriculum doesn’t repeat for three years so you could take it every semester for three years and never hear the same song. The music is done really well by real songwriters, musicians and singers. My girls sing those songs (and I sing to them) every single day. The class is a great way to have some fun bonding time with your little one/s.
— Charlene
Thank you so much for sharing you musical gifts with us. When we first started coming to Music Together, I was still trying to find ways to bond with my son. I had missed the first year of his life! Through the songs and music we found something special, our own Music Together language. Although talking has taken over, Isaac still breaks out into song a lot. We both do and it make us happy! THANK YOU!
— Tisha & Isaac