Tamara Maddaford

Director and owner of Music Together of Castle Rock, Tamara Maddaford began teaching Music Together in 2009. After teaching in Denver for three years, she decided to open her own center right where she lives, here in Castle Rock. Early Childhood music has been a part of Tamara's life since she was a music student at San Jose State University in California. She had taught on and off for years before her first child was born in 2008 and she fell in love with teaching young children all over again. Now the mother of two, Tamara is excited to share the ways that music can change your world with your children. 

Mrs. Maddaford holds a BM (San Jose State University) and MM (University of Iowa) in Flute Performance. She is principal flute of the Stratus Chamber Orchestra and has a private flute studio where students participate in the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program, become members of youth orchestras and are leaders in their schools. She also teaches band through the Colorado Chamber Orchestra's Elementary Music Outreach Program in the Chaparral High School Feeder Area.

Song that best describes my life: Don't Worry Be Happy

If I was a superhero I would be called: Wonder Woman- I try to do it all!

Favorite dance move: Throwing your hands in the air like you just don’t care.

Favorite ice cream flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip

Fun fact about me:  I've been to 42 states!



I was raised in Northwest Ohio. As a kid I was always drawn to music and singing, which delighted my musician father! He always encouraged me in music, but that it was never something to make a career out of. I would want to have a stable career but could always fun with music; little did he know I would find a way to magically do both! 

I attended Eastern Michigan University majoring in Social Work. While in school my husband and I started dating and he had this crazy plan to move to Florida. We moved to Key West Florida in 2010 and got married the next year. I went to work as a nanny and in retail part time. In 2011 I saw an ad in the paper for an infant and toddlers music program that was looking for a teacher. I was so intrigued, but don't have a lot of formal music education so didn't know if it would be the right fit. The next week I went to a class as a visitor and I WAS HOOKED! I did my teacher training that summer and started teaching my first class in September 2011. I finished my bachelors degree online in 2012. I really didn't want to go into a career that would leave little time to teach Music Together, so I decided to continue working as a nanny and teaching. 

I have loved every minute of teaching Music Together. I love the sense of community that is created within our classes. Of course I love getting to know all the sweet kiddos that walk through the door, but also getting to know the parents is important to me. 

Life has changed directions a little bit and we decided to move from Florida and start planting our roots elsewhere. Colorado had always come up on our radar as we are outdoorsy people and LOVE the mountains. My husband wanted to work in a parks department and I wanted to continue to teach Music Together, so when both of those became valid options we decided to make the move.  So now we are loving life as new Coloradans!

Song that best describes my life: I Hope You Dance- Lee Ann Womack

If I was a superhero I would be called: Molly Poppins~ child entertainment extraordinaire. 

Favorite dance move: The swim! ~ aka plug your nose and pretend to jump in!

Favorite ice cream flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip

Fun fact about me: Hello Kitty is my spirit animal!


Charlene Johnson

I’m Ms. Charlene and I am a singer, songwriter and voice teacher. I also play the flute, various percussion instruments and I’m learning to play the ukulele. I have studied and played multiple genres of music from classical to pop/rock all my life. My husband is my guitar/mandolin player (also a guitar teacher) and we have written, recorded, performed and toured together for many years. We have recorded two CD’s and were nominated for “Best Folk” in Southern California. Recently we are writing music for tv/ads. We have three kids who all play instruments, sing, dance or perform in theatre or bands. My two youngest daughters took Music Together classes for years in Castle Rock with Ms. Tamara!

I am so delighted to be a part of the Music Together Community! I am passionate about teaching music and the development of children and I think Music Together is the best early childhood music program out there. I love getting to know all of the families and inspiring children to become creative, musical little beings each in their own unique ways. Making music with children has become one of the joys of my life. When I’m not making music I’m playing games with my family or out in the garden with my chickens. 

Song that best describes my life: I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony)

If I was a superhero I would be called:  Siren Songstress

Favorite dance move: Walk Like an Egyptian (anything from the 80’s!)

Favorite ice cream flavor: Mint Chocolate chip

Fun fact about me: I used to do singing telegrams & voiceovers